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In Germany without german? - 5 good reasons, why you should learn german!

"You can get by quite well with English in Berlin!"

"Even in Germany, English is a world language!"


You might get the impression in Berlin's trendy neighbourhoods that Germans speak great English. In reality, however, only 56% of Germans can communicate well enough in English to be helpful. Especially outside the big cities, it can quickly become difficult without knowledge of German, not to mention the authorities.

So if you still need a boost of motivation to learn the language of the country as a person living in Germany - here are some good reasons why you should work on your German!

1. communication in everyday life

Simple everyday interactions, such as shopping, visiting the doctor or even just using public transport, can be difficult without a basic knowledge of German. This can lead to misunderstandings and frustration, both for the person concerned and for locals who may not be able to help.

2. access to work and career opportunities

The world of work in Germany often requires good German language skills, especially in customer-facing or administrative jobs. People without these language skills are often limited to low-skilled and low-paid jobs, which makes their economic situation and integration into the labour market more difficult.

3. education and further training For adults and children without German language skills, access to education is a major hurdle. Pursuing an academic career or even just understanding the school curriculum can be almost impossible without sufficient language skills. This affects personal development and long-term career prospects.

4 Social integration and networking

Language barriers can make it difficult to integrate socially in the new environment and build friendships or professional networks. This can lead to isolation and loneliness, which in turn often results in psychological stress.

5 Access to state and legal services

Many official and administrative processes in Germany are complex and require a high level of linguistic understanding. Without knowledge of German, it can simply be impossible to understand or complete necessary documents, apply for assistance or settle legal matters. This can lead to disadvantages in critical situations.

These challenges underline the importance of language courses and integration programmes that enable immigrants to develop the necessary language skills to successfully establish and integrate into German society.

Contact to book the ideal language course for you or to help you with official procedures!

Wörter, die man besser kennen sollte!
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