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German courses for your employees

Lost in Translation is dedicated to providing quality language courses to businesses of all sizes.

Our language courses are designed to improve your employees' German language skills and help them break down language barriers to succeed in the German or DACH business ecosystem. We offer a range of packages, from individual to group courses. Our group courses can be tailored to prepare you for the Goethe or TELC certification, or simply to learn German for daily use in business. Ready to support your employees'? Contact us to get started today!

Laptop Office Worker

One Flex

This course caters to executives, professionals who prefer a 1-1 session with their teacher. The pace is defined by the objectives of the student and the employer.

Starting from €95/ 60 min.

College Classroom

Group Flex

A group course that ensures a steady learning pace while offering full flexibility in topics and course design.  

Course design: 3-8 participants, flexible

Starting from €19.99/ 60 min.
Rates are per person


Group Level

Preparing your employees for the Goethe or TELC examination, this course is structured and ensures that everyone is ready within three months.  

Course design: 3-8 participants, fully structured

Starting from €14.99/ 60 min.
Rates are per person

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