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Talking About the European Championship

Germany fought hard but unfortunately got eliminated. Nevertheless, Germany remains the host of the European Championship. This is a great opportunity to engage in conversations with small questions and fun facts, and to celebrate together regardless of the winner at the end of the tournament.

Here are some good questions to practice your German with one of Germany's favorite topics:

1. Ask about the favorites: „Welche Mannschaft unterstützt du jetzt, wo Deutschland raus ist?“

2. Discuss exciting matches: „Welches war für dich das spannendste Spiel bisher?“

3. Talk about surprises: „Welche Mannschaft hat dich am meisten überrascht?“

4. Show interest in player performances: „Wer war deiner Meinung nach der beste Spieler bisher?“

5. Exchange opinions about the finalist: „Wer glaubst du, wird das Finale gewinnen?“

And here are 5 fun facts about the European Championship that will help you join the conversation even better:

1. The European Championship has existed since 1960 and was first held in France.

2. Spain and Germany are the most successful teams in European Championship history, both having won three times.

3. Michel Platini holds the record for the most goals in a single tournament (9 goals in 1984).

4. Most European Championship appearances: Germany has qualified for every European Championship since 1972.

5. The fastest European Championship goal: Dmitri Kirichenko from Russia scored a goal against Greece in 2004 after just 67 seconds.

With these tips and facts, you'll be well-prepared to engage in conversations about the European Championship and improve your German at the same time.

Have fun learning German and watching football!

Ein Fußball auf dem Rasen.
Football on gras


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