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Der Einbürgerungstest

In order to obtain German citizenship, a "Einbürgerugstest" must be completed. It's short with 33 questions, but it's intense.

What is the test about? 33 questions have to be answered within 60 minutes. If you get 17 correct answers, the test is considered passed. A certificate will then be issued by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) and you can prove “civic knowledge”. Many questions in the test are about the history and political system of Germany. The official subject areas are “Life in a Democracy”, “History and Responsibility” and “People and Society”. There are also three questions about the federal state in which the examinee is registered.

Sample questions "In Germany, people are allowed to openly say something against the government because..." There are then four possible answers. Of course, the right one is "freedom of expression". Another question could be "What is not in the Basic Law?" Correct answer: “Everyone should have the same amount of money.” Here it is particularly important to pay attention to the question - "What is NOT in the Basic Law" instead of "What is in the Basic Law". How can I prepare for this?

The BAMF provides an online questionnaire with which you can prepare intensively for the test. Conveniently, this is interactive, so that if the answer is wrong, an explanation is provided. You can find the questionnaire here: Start ( )

Don't forget to set your state so you can learn and test the specific questions for your place of residence.

You can prepare intensively for your Einbürgerungstest as part of a German course. For more information, simply write to us at

Good luck with the test!

A school blackboard with the word test written on it.
Ready for the Einbürgerungstest


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