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Choose your Internet Provider

Maybe you've already noticed: Public WiFi is not the German standard. So it's all the more common to have unlimited WiFi within your own four walls.

The best known internet providers are Vodafone, Telekom and 1&1. Find out which provider is best received by users in your new home town. Most companies agree on a contract with a term of 2 years at a fixed monthly price.

Beware of hidden costs

Many Internet providers offer an extremely favourable fixed monthly price for the first few months and then become drastically more expensive! You may also have to pay off the router. So make sure you read the small print!

Customer service as its best - not

Unfortunately, the customer service of Internet providers is not exactly the best. It can take up to four weeks before your WiFi is actually installed. You may have to take a day off work to wait for the technician because no clear time can be given - yes, and that's in Germany!

Unfortunately, the websites and offers aren't in English either, which doesn't make it easy if you don't yet understand German well enough.

Lost in Translation is happy to look at your situation and support you to get the best Internet Provider settled in.

Get in touch with us and we help you to find the best Internet Provider!

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