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You moved to Germany and want to open a bank account? This is how you do it!

Opening a bank account in Germany isn't that hard as long as you go prepared.

If you are authorised to earn money in Germany with your visa or residence permit, you will most likely also need a bank account in order to receive your salary.

THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED: *a proof of your identity such as passport, identity card

*Meldebescheinigung: your registration in Germany to live permanently at a certain address

*valid visa

Research in advance which banks have the best deal for you in terms of account management fees "Kontoeröffnungsgebühren", interest "Zinsen" etc. For example, "Sparkassen" often have great deals or discounts for the location you are in, but in other places in Germany there might be fewer ATMs or fees for withdrawals.

Make an appointment at the branch of the bank you choosed and bring all the documents you need to open the account. When making the appointment, ask whether any other documents are required.

Depending on the bank, the time required may vary. You will receive your ATM "EC" card and pin with a delay.

Mehrere Bankkarten in der Hosentasche.

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