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Language Matters

Whether taking a language class here in Germany — online or in-person — or translation services, each person who books a service with us believes that it brings countless benefits, one being in a professional setting. When you, for example, learn a new language, you are not only becoming more marketable as an employee, but you are also opening up the door to new experiences, cultures, people, and thought processes. Language learning enhances your cognitive abilities, problem-solving skills and cultural understanding, making it a valuable asset for anyone seeking personal and professional growth.


Do you feel insecure speaking German at work, on the phone or with colleagues at lunch?





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You have come to the right place.

You have an appointment with a government agency and need bureaucratic help in Germany or an interpreter to make sure you understand everything and are treated properly?


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How is your German doing?

Our German Language Quiz offers an easy and quick way to determine your level of German language proficiency. With this assessment, you will get a clear understanding of where you currently stand in your learning journey. By starting your language course at the appropriate level, you'll be better equipped to progress efficiently and rapidly.

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of your time to take the test. We recommend a tea or coffee next to it.


Language builds bridges and helps us build rapport. To live and enjoy living in another country, having some language skills is an absolute advantage. As it is not required to learn a language perfectly, knowing the basics will be a tremendous help in your everyday life.
Further, understanding a new culture and its people through language is a big plus in order to feel at home. Lost in Translation wants every person to feel at home here in Germany.


Lost in Translation started with a student who told me once, "I feel lost in translation here with all those official letters."


​With a strong belief in the power of language, Lost in Translation is here to help enable individuals and businesses to communicate effectively in any language. We offer customized lessons that meet the unique needs of each person. From group classes for employees or one-on-one sessions for a professional or a language rookie, our experienced instructors guide each person every step of the way. ​


But we don't stop at teaching languages, we will guide you through the bureaucratic jungle in Germany, provide certified translations for you and hence make life easier for newcomers. This way, they can have the best conditions when living and working in Germany.


Lost in Translation is the right place for those who seek support, want to unlock their language potential, or simply get some insider tips and rules to see words unfold into a world of words.


Small and Big Achievements


I came over to Germany with zero confidence in speaking the language. Working with the Lost In Translation team made the process of learning German much easier. With their great teachers and being flexible with time, they were able to build a lesson structure that suited my time schedule. I’m so glad that I found Lost In Translation and I have been recommending it to everyone who wants to learn German. 

Angus Harvey, Pilot


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