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New Citizenship Law 2024

Good news for the 12 million people who live in Germany without a German passport and would like to stay in Germany: with the new citizenship law, life will be a little easier.

What has changed?

Dual nationality possible: Until now, this was only possible in exceptional cases and thus prevented many people from applying for a German passport due to emotional ties to their home country. With the new law, multiple nationality is possible.

Get your German passport faster: Instead of after 8 years, you can now apply for a German passport after 5 years. With “special integration achievements” ranging from outstanding performance at school or at work to local commitment to good language skills, it is possible after just 3 years.

German citizenship for children born in Germany: If a parent has been in Germany for over 5 years, the child born in Germany automatically receives German citizenship.

These are the main points that have changed this year. Great news at the start of the year. We can at least help with good language skills! Feel free to write to us and find out more at

Eine mit schwarz, gelb, rot angemalte Hand mit Daumen hoch-Geste.
Daumen hoch in den Farben der Deutschlandflagge


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