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10 tips for learning German successfully

Do you want to learn German and are you wondering how you can go about it most effectively?

Here you will find the 10 best tips for learning German:

  1. Learn with a German native speaker! This may not be an insider tip, but it is simply the most important thing. Book a language course or, ideally, a private tutor. With us we will look for a teacher who is right for you and with whom you will enjoy learning the German language, despite all the challenges.

  2. Practice 20 minutes every day! The regularity of learning is crucial and allows the German language, including grammar and pronunciation, to sink into your head. And if it's only 20 minutes a day, plus 1-2 hours of lessons a week - there's no other way than to get better at German.

  3. Find a language partner! Approach Germans and actively try out the German language to get better at listening and speaking. Even better: find a tandem partner. So someone who wants to learn your language and with whom you can also speak German in return.

  4. Listen to German music and watch German films! Watch German films and series, listen to German music. This is how you familiarize yourself with the language.

  5. Repeat the vocabulary! Yes, it may not be particularly fun, but unfortunately it is necessary to keep the vocabulary in your long-term memory.

  6. Plan a language trip! This in turn is even nicer: If you don't already live in Germany, then plan a language trip as your next vacation and learn German in a German-speaking country.

  7. Use voice apps! From Duolingo to Babbel, there are now various providers who can train the language with interactive exercises. You can incorporate this into your everyday life at any time and make progress with ease.

  8. Read children's books! Depending on your level, grab a German book and why not a children's book. Erich Kästner to Cornelia Funke – the language is a little simpler, the stories are exciting and your vocabulary expands.

  9. Label objects! Look around you and label the table, chair, bed, etc., everything in your field of vision with the German vocabulary so that you can see them at any time and associate them with the real object.

  10. Stay tuned! Don't let yourself get down and keep making the language interesting for yourself. Maybe cook a German recipe or watch an exciting documentary about Germany to keep yourself entertained.

Contact us at any time if you would like to learn German successfully. We will find the perfect course for you –

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