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The Company

Lost in Translation is a business that supports people in Hamburg and Germany-wide with their language skills, the bureaucratic organization in Germany and translations. We want to make life simpler for our clients so they can get on with living and working in Germany. Furthermore, we support various organizations in Germany via donations made from our fees.

Language skills

To live and enjoy living in another country, having some language skills is an absolute advantage. As it is not required to learn a language perfectly, knowing the basics will be a tremendous help in your everyday life. Further, understanding a new culture and its people through language is a big plus in order to feel at home. Lost in translation wants you to feel at home and help you get on with your German, English or whatever language you need. Let us find the right trainer, class setting and material for you. Tell us what you need here.  We are your experts for language courses in Hamburg and Germany.


A lot of requests we get at Lost in Translation are letters from the authorities, service providers or landlords. 90 % of the time there is no need to panic but our customers do panic – because they have no full understanding of the content. We are your partner to panic less and get it all sorted. We translate everything for you, no matter how short or long – just send it to us. Let us work on your website, legal contracts or manuals. Our translators are trained professionals for your document and its translation.


Administrative support is our passion. The Lost in Translation team knows too well how overwhelming the German bureaucracy can be – we deal with it every day. Believe it or not, we also do learn something new almost every day. No client or case is the same to us; we have a tailor-made solution to your individual request. Why not get support and have a partner at your side to look at your visa request, health insurance choices or registration form? You can reach us here.

Other Lost in Translation work

We believe in sharing is caring. Find various articles and support on “How to Germany” in our blog. Also, learn a bit of German with our word of the week editions (do you know what Kummerspeck is?). If you are looking for support on a topic, browse the blog or simply drop us an email and we are happy to write one about it!


We hope you have gotten a first impression of Lost in Translation and our work. For all remaining questions, please have a look at our FAQ section or contact us directly!

The founder

Sabine is a born Berliner and has been working as a language teacher with people from all over the world for more than nine years. Also, she has helped people with many forms, translated numerous contracts and documents, and learned a lot about people’s needs when moving to Germany. She wishes that more administrative services could be done online.

After completing her BA in Economics in Maastricht, Netherlands and returning to Berlin for work and a CELTA certificate, Sabine is the founder & managing director of Lost in Translation, now living in Hamburg. Get in touch with her at sabine.schrader@lostintranslation.de

Sabine in her kitchen.

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