Maybe you have just moved to Germany or decided to live here permanently and now you need to get serious with establishing a life here. That is probably overwhelming, looking at big forms to fill in, making decisions and gathering and evaluating information. What is the best visa to apply for? Which electricity provider has the best price, how does the registration in Germany work and how do I set up a company over here? Our services and administrative support in Hamburg in Germany are a good way to start a life here. Find support here.

Registration in Germany and more

Usually, the first step to a relaxed life in Germany is getting registration in Germany done. Followed by an individual process based on your circumstances. Since the best way to make an informed decision is to know your options – we do present you all the options for an educated decision. In addition, we look carefully at the individual situation that our clients are facing – due to the specific context of every case, we don’t present general answers but rather customized ones. Consequently, our administrative support in Hamburg covers all possible inquiries.

Services and administrative support in Hamburg for you

Among others, here are the most demanded inquiries:

  • Registration in Germany
  • Getting a business registration/trade license
  • Applying for a residence permit
  • Dealing with the tax authority
  • Choosing a utility supplier
  • Applying for child benefit
  • Getting a driver’s license
  • Health insurance in Germany
  • General administrative support in Hamburg

Our administrative support – your choice

Some of the services and administrative support in Hamburg and Germany will be done in no time, i.e. registration in your city – others, like choosing the correct visa and applying for permanent residency are more time-consuming. It is your choice to select some phone time – we call an authority/provider for you and resolve your issue at hand. Often, you can be on the phone as well and listen in on the conversation. Mostly, we are able to present solutions instantly after a phone call. For other matters, an email or letter needs to be written; also, in that case, we present fast results. So don’t hesitate too long and wait with getting in touch with us and end up being stressed for no reason.

Let us do the work        for you

Relax while we do the work for you – in time and on time. Lastly, please note that we provide not just services and administrative support but we do actually accompany you to an important meeting where you need to know what is happening. Do the first step, get a registration, bank account or phone contract – we are happy to support you. We are able to find an answer to your question. Contact us and get support now.

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