Being responsible is a big task.

We strive to be a responsible company for our customers, employees, and shareholders. We aim to integrate and give back to those who need. In particular, that means, Lost in Translation donates parts of our profits to various organizations and we make it very convenient for our customers to donate as well. Via a simple click in our invoice emails, the customer can opt for a donation. We believe that passing on a bit of being responsible to others will make a whole big difference. Become responsible as well. 

Become responsible

No matter if you are a client, co-worker or simply friend of Lost in Translation – you can make a change together with us. You have no idea how to become responsible? Get in touch with us. We are able to lay out various options for you to make a change.

Keeping it simple

All you have to do in order to become responsible is set up a PayPal account or wire your donation to us. We are forwarding it to the organization we are working with that month. Before donating, read our blog about the chosen organization of the month or period. It is really that simple.

We are serious about this

So, one last time, use this simple and effective way to be a responsible member of the Lost in Translation community. Be part of the donation process and get in touch with us or read about the organizations we are donating to this month. It is very much appreciated. 

Sabine Schrader

Founder of Lost in Translation

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