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Whitsun in Germany: more than just a long weekend?

Whitsun is one of those festivities in Germany where everyone looks forward to the extra long weekend. Although it is deeply rooted in Christian tradition, many people use the days off for all kinds of activities - from family outings to spontaneous short trips.

Pentecost occurs exactly 50 days after Easter and celebrates the day on which, according to tradition, the Holy Spirit came to Jesus' disciples. Even though this is still an important church occasion for some, the festivity also has many secular fans who simply appreciate the chance to enjoy a little extra free time. In Germany, it is traditional to organise an active Pentecost weekend. Many people pack their bags and head off to the beaches of the North Sea and Baltic Sea or to the mountains.

The cities offer empty streets and those who stay there enjoy the peace and quiet or one or two local events. One of the more traditional customs is the setting up of Whitsun trees, often decorated with colourful ribbons and flowers. Some villages organise Whitsun parades where young and old alike dress up in colourful costumes. A real eye-catcher! And then there are the Whitsun bonfires, which are lit in many places. They are not only spectacular to watch, but also a great meeting place to end the evening together.But the parishes are also active and invite people to special services and events that emphasise the spiritual side of Pentecost.

In short: Pentecost in Germany is a colourful potpourri of tradition, enjoying nature and spending time with loved ones. Whether you take a spiritual approach or simply use the days off to relax - Whitsun has something to offer everyone. So, enjoy the long weekend!

Ab an den Strand!
Fröhliche Fahrgemeinschaft für das lange Wochenende


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