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Rückgrat, das


Meaning: spinal column


das Rückgrat muss durch die Lehne gestützt werden

sich das Rückgrat verletzen, brechen

〈in figurative meaning:〉 ein Mensch ohne Rückgrat (a person who does not have the courage to openly defend his convictions)

Backbone is also used in many phrases, sayings and proverbs, such as:

jemandem das Rückgrat brechen (colloquially: 1. To put pressure on someone in such a way that they give up their own will and submit; to take away someone's power of resistance. 2. to ruin someone).

jemandem das Rückgrat stärken (show someone that you are on their side by supporting their view, position, etc.)

Rückgrat zeigen/haben (openly stand by one's opinion, conviction, not be prepared to submit to certain opinions, instructions contrary to one's own opinion, conviction)

Mann flext seine Muskeln.
Stark sein - innen wie außen!


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