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Germany on New Year's Day

It is now widely known how the world likes to say goodbye to the old year. But what do the Germans actually do on January 1st after the lavish party?

In Germany there is also a midnight party on December 31st. Fireworks, fortunately or unfortunately simply purchased in the supermarket for everyone, are celebrated and everyone is dancing with exuberance.

For many people, New Year's Day is more of a day to rest and relax after a long night of partying. You lie on the sofa, watch films, order something from the delivery service...

But there are also traditions in Germany for January 1st that have less to do with the hangover from the night before. The day of the new year should therefore be the way you want the rest of the year to be. And since we usually wish for a happy, healthy and successful New Year, there is the culinary tradition of New Year's carp or another unusual and tasty dish. In West Germany people like to share a yeast wreath, in the north Berliners are served on the table.

In northern and southern Germany people are more likely to be active: the so-called New Year's shooting is intended to drive away evil spirits - while you usually treat yourself to the odd beer, sorry, one or two schnapps.

However you want to spend the first day of the new year: we wish you a happy new year in a healthy, peaceful and “language-loving” year 2024!

Fireworks on New Year's Eve.

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