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Heute ist Weltkindertag!

Jeden 20. September feiern wir in Deutschland den Weltkindertag, um auf die Rechte der Kinder aufmerksam zu machen. Vielerorts finden Veranstaltungen und Spiele für Kinder statt. Also, Augen offenhalten und mitmachen!

Darum der Regen! Hallo Herbst!

Es ist September… … und damit Herbstanfang. Zeit für mehr Gemütlichkeit, sprich Kastanien sammeln mit Kindern und Enkelkindern, zu Hause basteln, in die Decke einkuscheln, geheizte Stuben und Fliederbeersuppe… Genießt die Ruhe!

Schulferien – Alle weg?!

Wo sind denn bloß alle hin? Am Strand vermutlich! Der Großteil der deutschen Familien reisen in den sechswöchigen Sommerferien nach Spanien, Griechenland, in die Türkei oder an die ägyptische Küste. Möchtest du im August also Deutsch sprechen, solltest du am Meer Urlaub machen 😉

Word of the week: Schlamassel, der

Wortart: Substantiv, Maskulin Bedeutung: schwierige, verfahrene Situation, in die jemand aufgrund eines ärgerlichen Missgeschicks gerät Beispiel: Wie kommen wir aus diesem Schlamassel nur wieder heraus?

How to Germany: Christmas in Germany

Yes, another year has passed and like or not, it’s Christmas coming up.
Like in most countries around the world, Germans also like to celebrate Christmas with their loved ones. Want to know a bit of tradition; here we go:

How to Germany: First steps in Germany

Maybe you have just arrived in Germany, maybe you have been living here a while now? If it is love, work or simply the fascination for the German language (the articles especially ☺) that brought you here – we are happy that you chose Germany as the place to be and stay. Let us give you some advice on your first steps in Germany.

How to Germany: How to find a doctor in Germany

How to find a doctor
We all get sick sometimes. Usually a visit to a doctor will solve all problems right away. For some sitting in the waiting room is a first relief in itself. Well, what do you do in Germany when you need to find a doctor? How does German health system work? Here is a guide on how to get treatment.

How to Germany: Block the street for your moving van

You are moving? Great – Block the street for your moving van
So you have found the perfect new apartment and told all your friends to help on that particular day to carry all your stuff from A to B? Well, congratulations! In this blog, you can find some information to make the much easier. Block the street for your moving van and save your energy. 

How to Germany: visa application in Germany

Visa application in Germany
For many people the visa application in Germany is a nerve-wracking process. It doesn’t have to be like that. Let us sort out the most important things to consider before you start to stress out.

How to Germany: the German articles der, die, das

How to Germany: the German articles der, die, das
First of all, you are not alone learning all nouns in German and the article that goes along with the word- many people do and struggle. Not much of help – we know – but be assured, many students seem to lose their minds over it just like you! Therefore, we are hoping to provide some tips and tricks in order to learn the German articles more efficiently!

How to Germany: Pregnant in Germany

How to Germany: Pregnant in Germany
You are having a baby – congratulations! An exciting time lies ahead of you and all your attention will be needed to be there for the little one. Let us help you sort out some administrative things  you might need being pregnant in Germany (and before the baby is born)  – and make sure you have all the time for your baby.

How to Germany: Registering in your city

You have decided to move to Germany and live here – great! Make things official and don’t forget registering in your city

Why register and when?
People that want to stay and live in Germany need to register here. If you are only here for a (long) vacation – you don’t need to worry about it.

Registering in your city should be done as soon as possible – why? Because many things can be done when you have registered here – for example opening a bank account, getting health insurance, a phone contract and much more.

How to Germany: Nachsendeantrag explained

Nachsendeantrag explained- when moving within Germany or leaving the country  (Permanent or Temporary Change of Address Order / redirection service)

First Steps after your move
If you have found a new apartment – congratulations first of all! The first order of business is to tell all providers, the bank and official offices (Ummeldung – change of address with the Bürgeramt!) that you have a new address.

How to Germany: Leaving Germany

Prepare for leaving Germany
You are leaving Germany? That’s sad – but you are probably off to new adventures. Leaving is easy if you pay attention to a few things

de-registration from the city,
cancelation of your apartment contract,
phone/internet provider,
electricity provider,

How to Germany: getting health insurance

Health insurance in Germany
Getting health insurance in Germany is not so difficult. First of all, one must know two things: you can be privately insured or join the public health system. The majority of people are in the public system which is – like every system flawed here and there- but totally recommendable.