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Hey there! Are you an experienced and passionate teacher of English or German? We at Lost in Translation are always on the lookout for talented and qualified teachers to join our team and help our students succeed in their careers.

We offer German and English language courses for employees of companies and individuals who are looking to improve their skills and advance in their fields. Our courses are tailored to each student's or student group’s needs and goals. As a teacher with Lost in Translation, you'll have the opportunity to work with motivated students and make a real difference in their lives.

We are Looking for You

At Lost in Translation, we are eager to meet people who love using their knowledge and skills to solve people’s problems. Hence, the type of people who think of a problem rather as an opportunity to excel. People who will always try to find a way to get something done. Further, a background in languages, translations, interpretations, office work or administration is welcome, but not a requirement.

What you bring

Have a friendly and open-minded character.

Create an open atmosphere in the classroom and try to find out what works for the learner.

Are aware of different methodologies and flexible in your approach to teaching.

Have some formal teacher training.

Love teaching German and helping people improve their language skills.

Are happy to select your teaching material on your own, given the needs of the learner.

You can show at least six months of experience in teaching German classes. 

A tax number to write invoices.

Have a friendly and open-minded character.

Are able to ask questions to find out what that the problem is and react accordingly.

Have empathy

Want to be part of the Lost in Translation team.

Love using your language skills to help people.

Have a good understanding and appreciation for German bureaucracy.

Speak German and English fluently.

A tax number to write invoices.

Teachers, you will get

  • shared ownership of the course, we won’t micro-manage you but rather will be your partner.

  • support, coaching and mentoring where needed.

  • flexible working hours.

  • competitive rates.

  • a fantastic team.

Coaches, you will get

  • a work life that will never be boring. new clients on a regular basis.

  • the possibility to gain new experiences.

  • meeting new people every day.

  • flexible working hours.

  • competitive rates.

  • a fantastic team.

Let’s Work Together

Lost in Translation

Sabine Schrader

Phone: +49 40 180 12 744

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