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Corona Support #1 What if I can´t pay my rent?

Regardless, in what industry you work, if you are self-employed, employed or have five mini-job – you have to pay our rent.

What if you can’t pay your rent?

Fact is:

If you rent a commercial unit, you can get a notice of cancelation after only one month.

For private apartments, the landlord can send a notice after two months, without a deadline if you miss paying rent! Corona makes no exception.

What you can do if you can’t pay your rent or it looks like you won’t be able to do so very soon:

·      Talk to your landlord, as soon as possible. Make your case, try to negotiate a reduction or apply for a respite. Get everything in writing that you agree on with him!

·      Apply for Wohngeld. Wohngeld is calculated on the basis of your expected income in the next 12 months. More here (only in German sorry)

·      If you are going to lose the apartment, talk to the Sozialamt as early as possible. They can pay the current debt and help you out.

Please be aware that we are not lawyers, we are just trying to help and provide the best information possible and available at the moment.

If you need to talk to us, have someone translate or interpret for you, please be in touch with the Lost in Translation Team! We are happy to help! 

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