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How to Germany: Christmas in Germany




Yes, another year has passed and like or not, it’s Christmas coming up.

Like in most countries around the world, Germans also like to celebrate Christmas with their loved ones. Want to know a bit of tradition; here we go:


Tree and decoration

Most families have a tree that will be decorated on the 24th of Germany. All is possible, real candles, tinsel or starts. Also, chains of lights are often hung upon balconies, trees, doors and window frames.

See if your city decorates the city with beautiful lights as well –that makes Christmas shopping less stressful.


Christmas markets

One thing, next to beer, that Germany is famous for, the Christmas Markets. Not only the city of Nurnberg has one, most cities will have a Christmas market, in Hamburg there are several ones, see a list here. A Christmas market is a good place to go for after-work Glühwein, some gift shopping or a nice stroll on a Sunday.



When you ask Germans what they eat for Christmas, you will get a lot of answers. There is no typical dish, however, the classics are

Kartoffelsalat mit Würstchen (Potato salad with sausage), a simple meal to honor that Jesus did not have a lot. Others are goose with potatoes and kale, raclette or fondue or duck.


Some Christmas technicalities

Please note that the 24th is a normal working day, make sure you take the day off or ask HR if it is a general day off for everyone. The 25th and 26th are nationwide holidays.

The 6th of December is Nikolaus, where the children clean their boots on the night of the 5th and put it outside. Possibly, there will be some treats in it the next morning.


However you spend Christmas this year, make sure to surround yourself with love and laughter. Merry Christmas from your Lost and Translation team!!

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