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How to Germany: First steps in Germany


Maybe you have just arrived in Germany, maybe you have been living here a while now? If it is love, work or simply the fascination for the German language (the articles especially ☺) that brought you here – we are happy that you chose Germany as the place to be and stay. Let us give you some advice on your first steps in Germany.

Start from scratch
As for most beginnings, some things are no-brainers and others require some time, support or even heavy research. Let us help you shine a light – here is a guide for a smooth start in Germany.

Get registered
Without an address for the administrators, you will have a hard time in Germany. You can get registered at your own place, live with a friend or partner or join WG. Learn more about how to register in Germany here.
Also, find out why it is important!

Open a bank account
Next task on your list should be opening a bank account. There are various options, look at the different banks and their offers. Especially have a close look at rates for transferring money, general fees and options to get a credit card.

Phone contract, utility providers and more
Now that you have an account to put money on and pay with, get a cell phone contract, pick a good health insurance, get in touch with utility providers. Not sure how? Get in touch with us!

Your personal situation will automatically bring challenges along that can range from picking the right monthly train ticket to registering your child in Kindergarten. Whatever it may be – enjoy living in Germany and don’t forget, we are at your side to support with any administrative or bureaucratic matter.

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