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How to Germany: How to find a doctor in Germany

How to find a doctor

We all get sick sometimes. Usually a visit to a doctor will solve all problems right away. For some sitting in the waiting room is a first relief in itself.

Well, what do you do in Germany when you need to find a doctor? How does German health system work? Here is a guide on how to get treatment.

Minor diseases

Germany has a system of general practitioners and specialist being spread out all over the country. For most issues, like a cold or stomach flew one would simply pick a GP close to your house. You can Google a doctor and ask if the doctor speaks English or maybe get advice from a friend, which doctor is nice and speaks English.

In need of a specialist

If you need to get your teeth checked up, or have a mole that needs a check-up, find a specialist for your matter. There are plenty of specialists available, simply make an appointment and get treatment. If you are not sure what doctor you need, you can also first go to your GP and he will make a referral to the right kind of doctor. For some specialist the waiting time is really long, e.g. neurologist, try to call more practices.

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Bigger issues and weekends

In case you need an operation or a big check-up, your doctor will admit you to a hospital. If you need a doctor at the weekend or during the night, you can always go to the emergency room of a hospital. Further, waiting time can be quite long in hospitals, as emergencies are treated with priority of course.

How to find a doctor in Germany

Finally, if you need some assistance on what doctor to pick or you need a translator to join you? Get in touch with the Lost in Translation team! We are here for you.

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