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How to Germany: Block the street for your moving van

You are moving? Great – Block the street for your moving van

So you have found the perfect new apartment and told all your friends to help on that particular day to carry all your stuff from A to B? Well, congratulations! In this blog, you can find some information to make the much easier. Block the street for your moving van and save your energy. 

When should I start the process?

It is a good idea to start booking street blocking signs about three to four weeks before you will move. Simply google “Halteverbotsschilder” and find a company that you like. Usually, on their webpage, the company will ask you to fill in some information – let us help you with that.


Think about how long the van or truck is – normally 15 m should be fine. Also, have the day and time sorted out before booking – it’s safe to block an entire day, even if the move will only be some hours. Further, in most cases, one side of the street should be enough space. However, that depends on how narrow the street is etc.

What is very important is to get a “behördlichen Genehmigung” from the police. Or you can order it from the company for an extra fee – that way you have the legal right to block the street for your moving van and can have cars towed away if necessary.

The company will usually set up the signs a week before your moving date, so all your neighbors have enough time to move their cars!

Enjoy that new apartment – any questions about the signs? Get in touch with us – we can book it for you or answer your questions! Your Lost in Translation team!


6 responses to “How to Germany: Block the street for your moving van

  1. I got someone parked on my reserved spot during the time frame I payed for even though I had signs, what can I do? Can this person get a fine? (there were two people doing this)

  2. Dear Maria, please contact the Ordnungsamt in your city, they shall be able to help you and contact the driver/tow the car.

  3. What should I do if someone has reserved a parking spot for moving out but I went on vacation before these signs and my car is parked there and I won’t be back from vacation until they move out? How can I avoid encountering such situations while living in the city center? because most of the places I will park it around our house are in front of apartments and if I park it on the one of them, this could be happen.

  4. Dear Max, if you park your car on a day, fly on holiday that same day, and the next day signs e.g.for a move, get put up, they are legally allowed to tow your car after four days. Please make sure that you have a friend check for newly set up signs if you are away. Best, Your Lost in Translation Team

  5. I live in the house and my area is good area, but some houses they rent it with more people than the parking lot, so most of them have more than 5 cars and no parking space so they parking on the street front of my house wich is the street for pedestrian and car of homeowner even its no shield to parking verboten but still it’s disturbing and the garbage car and cleaning car cannot pass and didn’t clean properly.. What should I do?

  6. Hey Desy, I guess it is not forbidden to have more cars and park them on a public street. However, if someone is blocking the pavement or so, you can call the Bürgeramt! Hope that helps, Sabine

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