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How to Germany: visa application in Germany

Visa application in Germany

For many people the visa application in Germany is a nerve-wracking process. It doesn’t have to be like that. Let us sort out the most important things to consider before you start to stress out.

Have your documents prepared

When starting your visa application in Germany you want to have all documents in order – yes, because we are in Germany. Also, because there really is no other way. Read through the list of necessary documents to bring. Usually this will be

  • Your passport
  • Your work contract
  • A language course certificate
  • Registration of your apartment
  • The visa form itself
  • Proof of health insurance

Please note that your work contract and proof of enrollment for your children’s school should not be older than two weeks!

Apply for the right visa

The visa application in Germany offers a variety of options:

There are

  • Study visa
  • Work visa
  • Family visa
  • Freelance visa
  • And many more

to chose from.

There is no general answer which visa is the right one for you. Definitely get some support when going for a visa application in Germany. Often more than one visa type might be suitable for you – it is of importance to look at your individual details to make the right decision.

Lost in Translation has helped many people to get a visa – we can never promise anything but we will give our best of knowledge and experience to you and help you get that visa! Don’t hesitate to contact us if need advice, help with a form or someone to join you to an appointment!

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