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How to Germany: Pregnant in Germany

How to Germany: Pregnant in Germany

You are having a baby – congratulations! An exciting time lies ahead of you and all your attention will be needed to be there for the little one. Let us help you sort out some administrative things  you might need being pregnant in Germany (and before the baby is born)  – and make sure you have all the time for your baby.

Before the baby is born / During your pregnancy

 Maternity benefit

If you are working (no matter if employed or self-employed) you are entitled to maternity benefit. The amount depends on your salary. You should get in touch with your health insurance about 9-7 weeks prior your due date. How to apply for it?


Get a document (Zeugnis über den mutmaßlichen Tag der Entbindung) from your gynecologists that states the due date – send that to your health insurance (send the one saying: Ausfertigung für die Krankenkasse) – the money will be transferred to your account approximately six weeks before your due date!



 Acknowledgement of paternity and shared custody

If you are not married to the father of your baby and want to acknowledge paternity and maybe also shared custody ? Get in touch with your Jugendamt! Usually they will give you an appointment – both of you go there and bring your passports. They will finalize everything for you – no costs! Let us help you get an appointment with your local Jugendamt.


Find a midwife!

Finding a midwife can be very difficult in some areas in Germany. Ask your doctor for advice, google for local midwifes or get recommendations from friends – start as soon as you know you are having a baby!


After your baby is born

Birth certificate and registration

 Your baby will need a birth certificate and registration with the city, just like you have one. Easiest way is to ask the clinic if they provide that service (a lot of hospital do that these days). If not, you will need to go the Einwohnermeldeamt (find the general article on how to register here) once the baby is born (latest a week after giving birth!) and bring

–     a statement from the doctor that the baby was born

  • your passport
  • if married, your marriage license
  • if not married, the acknowledgement of paternity and shared custody

Especially the birth certificate is needed later on for other forms and applications!


Apply for parental leave and parental benefit and child support


The forms for parental leave, parental benefit and child support are quite large ones. If you are not sure, get help from us on how to fill them in. There is no general way how to fill in theses forms- it highly depends on your personal situation!


Register your child with your health insurance

Get in touch with your health insurance once the baby is born (or even beforehand) and ask them to send you the application for your child – usually you need to send this one back with a copy of a birth certificate of the baby.


And as usual – if in doubt – get in touch with us. We are certainly able to help with all those forms and will find answers to your questions!




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