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How to Germany: Registering in your city

You have decided to move to Germany and live here – great! Make things official and don’t forget registering in your city

Why register and when?

People that want to stay and live in Germany need to register here. If you are only here for a (long) vacation – you don’t need to worry about it.

Registering in your city should be done as soon as possible – why? Because many things can be done when you have registered here – for example opening a bank account, getting health insurance, a phone contract and much more.

Where do I register and what documents do I need?

First of all, you can register at your municipal office or in bigger cities at the so-called Bürgeramt or Einwohnermeldeamt. Try to get yourself an appointment; especially in bigger cities this is a MUST. In addition, please note, that technically you need to register within two weeks after moving here. However, sometimes to get an appointment takes much longer, so don’t worry too much about it. For your appointment please bring:


Please note that for parents that share custody some special rules apply, further – also note that you need to register a dog as well.

I have registered myself in Germany -what now?

As a result of registering in your city, you can now get a job, open a bank account, become a gym member and much more – you can enjoy living in Germany even more relaxed!

Let us know if we can be of help in your registration process or you have any questions concerning moving to Germany or the administrative life over here! Lost in Translation is at your side!

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