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How to Germany: Nachsendeantrag explained

Nachsendeantrag explained- when moving within Germany or leaving the country  (Permanent or Temporary Change of Address Order / redirection service)

First Steps after your move

If you have found a new apartment – congratulations first of all! The first order of business is to tell all providers, the bank and official offices (Ummeldung – change of address with the Bürgeramt!) that you have a new address. That can be simply done by sending an email or letter to them, stating your new address – have a look at this blog about the issue of Nachsendeantrag explained.

The same applies when you are leaving Germany – tell all companies and providers you have a contract with that you are leaving.

Make sure your mail gets to you

For some providers or companies, it might take a while to change your new address in their system. In order for you not to miss out on any mail, get a Nachsendeantrag from the post. This is done in a couple of simple steps:

  1.    First of all, visit http://www.nachsendeantrag.de/ and click on Nachsendantrag erteilen
  2.    For“Grund der Nachsendung” pick „Umzug“ (moving) and the start date and length of your Nachsendenatrag.
  3.    Furthermore, scroll down and fill in the form with Anrede (Frau= Ms/Mrs or Herr=Mister), your title , your name, email and telephone.
  4.     Below „Weitere Personen“ fill in the info for you spouse/children/housemates – other people than you that shall receive mail at your new address! Right under „Bisherige Adresse“ fill in your old address (only click the box below if you hold a p.o. box only). Below „Neue Adresse“ fill in your new address.
  5.     Now decide if you want a “Umzugsmitteilung“ that is the post telling business contacts (banks, insurances) your new address or not. Click: “Ohne Umzugsmitteilung” and further. Note to only click on Zusatzleistung if you decide that you want parcels and packages to be forwarded to your new address.(For 6,99 € per parcel and Info post – usually commercials.)
  6.     Chose „In den Warenkorb“ button below and fill in your payment details under „Rechnungsanschrift“ . Leave your bank details below „Zahlungsdaten“ (optionally you can choose Credit Card, online payments etc. ).
  7.     Lastly, you will see an overview of your order on the next screen and then get a confirmation by Email. Voilà – you have successfully forwarded your mail.

Get support when you need it

No time to set this up? Get in touch with us- the Lost in Translation team will sort everything out for you!

3 responses to “How to Germany: Nachsendeantrag explained

  1. Dear CS, thank you for your comment. You don’t need to be registered (have Anmeldung necessary). What you need is your name on the doorbell or have people write to a c /o address where you live.
    Please let us know if you have more questions, Best, the Lost in Translation Team

  2. Hello,

    Is it possible to forward my letters to my friend’s address? My name would not be on their doorbell definitely.

    Thank you in advance.

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