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How to Germany: Leaving Germany

Prepare for leaving Germany

You are leaving Germany? That’s sad – but you are probably off to new adventures. Leaving is easy if you pay attention to a few things

  • de-registration from the city,
  • cancelation of your apartment contract,
  • phone/internet provider,
  • electricity provider,
  • insurances;

All that can usually be done within a couple of hours and some mails! Let us do the work and you plan your new life with full speed! Get in touch with Lost in Translations Services.

When to start?

Note that some providers have a 3 month notice period, therefore, read the terms and conditions right when you know that you are leaving Germany. Also, it is wise to get an appointment with the Bürgeramt/Einwohnermeldeamt to de-register. If you are living in Hamburg, this can be done at any Bürgeramt without an appointment but you need to fill in this form. Get in touch with your landlord and property manager, they usually want to have an appointment to look at the apartment some time before you leave.

Prepare the new life

No matter what you are up to after leaving Germany, also be reminded to start your new life well prepared. Your new life might also require to look at schools or kindergarten places and register with a health insurance and finding an apartment. Lost in Translation might be the partner to connect you to some agencies we work with – send us your request.

Hopefully you come back, bis bald und alles Gute!

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