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How to Germany: Kita -Voucher explained

Kita -Voucher explained

You think your child should see other people than you- let’s get him or her into Kindergarten. Read this article “Kita-Voucher explained” to get a head start on things. Right !

In general,  from the age of one until school starts, every child has the right to get a Kindergarten place. Before the age of one year, its depends on your working hours. The individual situation must be looked at.

First things first

  1. First of all, parents apply for a voucher at their Bezirksamt. Vouchers can be found here and for a part-time place here.
  2. You can redeem the voucher in a Kita of your choice (obviously the Kita must take part in the voucher system). A first place to start looking for a Kindergarten near by is here. 
  3. Finally, parents have to pay their share of costs – find out how much here. The amount varies between four Euros and 200 Euros – depending on your income, also you can calculate the exact amount here.

Some important tips

When looking for a Kita, chose one with opening times that match your needs. If you start working at 9am, already exclude Kitas that only open at 9am, the same goes for closing times. Another tip is think about your time to get to Kita – in the morning from home and later from work – include rush hour and parking spot situation in your search.

Furthermore, think about what you find important about a Kita, may it be bilingual approach, small groups, big groups, being close to a park or playground – or anthroposophical approach- those factors might make the question “How to get a place for my child in a Kindergarten” even more time consuming!

Hopefully “Kita-Voucher explained”  was a good start to finding a place for your little one – if you are in doubt, which voucher to apply for or how to fill in the form – get in contact with us. We are happy to help! Your Lost in Translation team!

6 responses to “How to Germany: Kita -Voucher explained

  1. you have just provided the link to the form but have not mentioned where to submit it

  2. I live in around kochkstr and where do i submit my kita voucher forms please

  3. Am in Berlin and i live around kochkstr, please where do i submit my kita voucher forms.thanks

  4. Hi,
    we have applied for Kita Voucher for our child and in return we received 2 forms
    Erklarung uber das sorgerecht

    me and my husband are not sure what to do with that.
    if you can provide any help

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