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How to Germany: Information about driving licenses

Information about driving licenses

If you are planning to stay in Germany longer than just for a vacation, here is some information about driving licenses in Germany.

When do I need to apply for a German driver’s license?

Citizens from the EU and Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein do not need to get their license changed. When you have a valid national license, you can use it until it expires. Consequently, after your national license has expired, you need to get a German one! Here is the information about driving licenses you need to have:

  • Get an appointment with the LVB Hamburg
  • Bring :
    • your passport and your registration
    • your valid homecountry drivers license
    • a biometric photo35 x 45 Millimeter (ohne Kopfbedeckung)
    • your appointment number

Driving license for non-EU citizens

If you are not from the EU, please have a look  at this table – individual rules apply for every country. Moreover, it is sometimes necessary to do the theoretical and practical test. Further, an eyesight test might be required as well as a first aid course. The eyesight test can be done at any optician near you and also any eye specialist. Please check online for first-aid courses in your area. You will find plenty of options to choose from.

If you haven’t done it yet:

  • make sure your car is registered here
  • you have insurance for you car
  • you have TÜV and ASU on a regular basis

Lastly, please get in touch with Lost in Translation to attain all information about driving licenses. We are happy to help you.



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