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How to Germany: getting health insurance

Health insurance in Germany

Getting health insurance in Germany is not so difficult. First of all, one must know two things: you can be privately insured or join the public health system. The majority of people are in the public system which is – like every system flawed here and there- but totally recommendable.

Which one to get?

Self-employed ? Be aware!

Privat health insurance is often chosen by people that are self-employed. The simple reason for this is that the public health insurance fee increases with your income. It has a maximum but sometimes making 200 € more a month can put you into a much more expensive bracket with the public health insurance. Maybe it is good idea to have an overview here. As an example we chose Techniker Krankenkasse, the number should all be quite similar though. The prices of private health insurance are usually stable with increasing income but their fee increases over time – also important to note when getting health insurance.

Working for a company

Getting health insurance if you are employed can be a no-brainer – pick the public system. Half of your fee will be paid by your company, the other half by you. There are no big cost explosions to expect. Also, you have the option to go for small private extra insurances, for example for the dentist, TCM and such.

Lost in Translation is more than happy to look at your individual situation and recommend with system for getting health insurance is best for you. Lastly, we work with partner companies that can compare all insurances for you and find the optimal solution and making getting health insurance a piece of cake. Send your request today!

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